Coppus® Jectair®HP

Coppus® Jectair®HP

  • Brand: Coppus
  • Manufacturer: Dresser-Rand
  • Model: Jectair® HP
The unmatched performance of the Coppus® Jectair®HP is recognized throughout the industry. When compared with older-style air horns, the patented air mixing chamber of the Jectair® HP can produce up to a 40:1 air flow conversion and up to 26 percent savings on compressed air consumption
  • Available in five sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP, 6-HP, 8-HP, or 9-HP
  • High-performance (HP) and Hornet models available in three sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP and 6-HP
  • Air flows range from 1,370 to 8,900 cfm (2,328 to 15,121 m3/hr)
  • Induction ratios up to 40:1
  • Multiple expansion nozzles machined into housing
  • High static pressure capabilities
  • Diffuser material available in steel, aluminum or shock-resistant
  • polymer (Hornet HP)
  • No moving parts (virtually maintenence-free)
  • Static bonding cable (standard on all models) with spring tension grip and replaceable contact tips
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