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Portable Lights For Industrial & Emergency Applications

Portable Lights For Industrial & Emergency Applications

  • Brand: EXIN LIGHT
  • Manufacturer: EXIN LIGHT
  • Model:
The IN120L & IN120LB Industrial are the most common of our EXIN Light Portable Lighting Range. Producing 1030 lumens each side of the Light Head, the IN120L operates continuously on a single charge for up to twelve (12) hours on one side of the Light Head, and the IN120LB running continuously for up to thirty (30) hours on a single charge on one side of the Light Head.
The IN2400L Light Head has three power settings (high, medium and low) to suit different applications. It produces 2400 lumens from the single-sided Light Head on the high setting. This powerful light is made up of high quality LEDs (20×1 watt LEDs), fitted with an Emergency Flash Function and can be tilted by 60° to light up a wide area.
With its Light Head tilting down by up to 60° the IN120L and IN120LB can be used for area illumination, Flash
Functions and can easily illuminate a large open space with its 2060 lumens, with little or no heat produced from
the EXIN Light it allows you to work in close proximity with comfort.

The IN120L and IN120LB Body is exactly the same, it is constructed using an automotive type ABS747 making
the light highly durable with its robust solid construction. The EXIN Light IN Series has an IP 65 rating, and also is
manufactured with a UV and Salt Water resistant ingredient, allowing the use in both wet and dry environments.
Using shock absorbing rubber for both the Base and Lid Seals gives extra added protection to your Light Head and
Base. With Extension Arms fitted either side of the Body and a push and pull Functional Handle, enables you to
choose the correct height suited to your own individual needs.

The IN120L is powered by a 9AH Lead Acid Gel Battery taking only 7-8 hours to fully charge. The IN120LB &
IN2400LB are powered by an 18AH Lead Acid Gel Battery taking only 12-14 hours to fully charge.
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