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Tiger - Revolutionary VOC Detector

Tiger - Revolutionary VOC Detector

  • Brand: Ion Science
  • Manufacturer: Ion Science
  • Model: Tiger - Revolutionary VOC Detector

Tiger is the most advanced hand held VOC detector on the market with the widest measurement range, accurately detecting gases down to ultra low ppb levels up to 20,000 ppm. Tiger has the fastest response time. Its internal gas table contains over 480 response factors.
Accurate detection of volatile organic compounds  speed, accuracy, resistance to humidity and contamination.

Minimum Resolution:
- 1 ppb or 0.001 mg/m3
Maximum Reading:
- 20,000 ppm or 20,000 mg/m3
Response Time:
- T90 < 2 seconds
Battery Life: 
- Li-ion: life up to 24 hours continual use
- Alkaline: (Duracell Procell MN 1500) life up to 8.5 hours continual use
Data Logging* Including date / time: 
- 120,000 points
- Flashing LED and 95 dBA at 300mm (12”) audible sounder Selectable vibrating alarm
- Pre-programmed TWA and STEL
- Pre-programmed with over 480 gases
Flow Rate: 
- 220 ml/min in ambient conditions (with blocked flow alarm)
Temperature Operating: 
- -20 to 60 0C, -4 to 140 0F (non Intrinsically Safe)
- 0-99% RH (non condensing)
- Width: 340 x Height: 90 x Depth: 60 mm
- 0.72 kg (1.56lb)
- ATEX II 2G Ex Ib IIC T4 (15oC≤Ta≤+45oC)
- IECEx ITS 10.0036X,
- Designed to IP65 (heavy rain)
- C E 1180
- EMC tested to EN61326-1:2006, EN50270:2006 & CFR 47:2008 Class A
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