Nhảy đến nội dung

C701 Full Face Mask

C701 is the new full face mask of the Sèkur range which, through the innovative Air-On inspiration system, manages to combine a high protection factor with a minimum level of breathing resistance, assuring comfort and safety to the end user.


Tổng quan

C701 can be used with particle, gas and combined filters equipped with EN 148/1 threaded connection, offering high protection against gases, vapours, solid and liquid particulates.

C701 is available in 6 colours (red, nato green, aquamarine, orange, black and white), with harness in EPDM or in 3D fabric, and with treated visor.

Đặc Tính Nổi Bật

Ergonomic Design & Comfort

The harness, fixed on 5 points, is available in EPDM or 3D fabric (interchangeable). 3D fabric is designed to achieve maximum comfort and breathability. The three-dimensional structure assures maximum air circulation within the layers to always have fresh and dry fabrics.

Air-On Inspiration System

Innovative inspiration system with rectangular inhalation valve and absence of non-return valves, which ensures excellent anti-fog, assuring a minimum level of breathing resistance.

PAnoramic Visor

The visor, optical class 1 (EN 166), ensures a wide field of vision, without optical distortions.

Class 3

The mask is certified as class 3 according to EN 136 (maximum mechanical, heat and flame resistance).


Lightweight mask, easy to use and to maintain.