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Locking out Buttefly Valves
Plated Steel Lockout Hasp with red poly coating. 38mm diameter jaws.
When attending to lockout maintenance and repair work, ensure you are prepared with a EFO Contractors Lockout Tagout Kit
Place Electrical Plug or Hose End in bag, tighten closing cord around plug cable/hose, with the attached cord hasp. Close cord hasp and place padlock and tag in hole provided.
Locking out various valves up to 2" / 50mm
Flexible Steel Wire Cable Lockout Hasp with Red Handle
Mechanical lockout allows you to secure a valve in the off position whilst work is being completed.
Wrap around valve handle and lockout out with Cirlock Padlock
NO TOOL Universal Lockout Device to help prevent un-intended energization of energy source.
Locking out various valves up to 2" / 50mm
Valve lockout devices, such as ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate valve lockouts, block the accidental opening of valves during system repair to protect workers from injury in commercial and industrial applications.
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